"The biggest miracle in the world is the Blessed Fire in Jerusalem- which appears every year on the Holy Grave on the Great Saturday (between 12:00 - 14:00 pm).
Come down from the sky and everyone sees it. Orthodox and unorthodox.
Blessed Fire, for a while (4-10 minutes approximately) does not bake.
No one in the world can make a flame that doesn't burn.
Blessed Fire does not burn, therefore does not waste matter, because it is a spiritual Flame, which restores, revives and sanctifies! Many with small and big Easter candles, take the Holy Fire and touch the sick parts of the body with it and be healed.
After a certain number of minutes the Uncreated Blessed Fire becomes a created flame and begins to burn. If this change would not have happened, the candles would never go out,
and many wicked people would make games with the Holy Fire, and thus make blasphemy and perversions.
There will be a year when the Holy Fire will not come down. These will be the times of the Antichrist.
The Blessed Fire is an impressive proof, that Orthodoxy is the only Truth, the only true religion, and that all other religions of the world are imaginary darkness and traps of the mind. "






24ти прил 2022 лето Господово











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