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TEARS OF THE NEW MARTYR: Albanians killed Hariton, played football with his head

When in August 2000. in the Tusus settlement, behind the city hospital in Prizren, Kfor found one of the mass graves, he called on representatives of the Diocese of Raska-Prizren to ′′ look for ′′ the body of Father Hariton. A difficult task went to father Michael, the present abbot of the Holy Archangels, who among buried and massacred bodies of Serbs identified his brother Hariton.
New martyr Hariton 1960-1999.
This world was seen by father Hariton on Arandjelovdan, November 21., 1960. in Lukovacka Reka near Kursumlija, and he was named Radoslav at the baptism. By that name, which he will later carry on monks (in Greek Hariton has the same meaning). Guided by God, father Hariton in 1996. goes to Crna Reka monastery near Ribaric, so that there, serving the Holy Archangels and Saint Peter Koriska, he would also serve his beloved Lord.
So zealously spends his life as a novice in the Crna Reka Monastery, and after two years he is being by his priest, bishop Artemije, moved to help restore the monastery of the Holy Archangels near Prizren.
He was soon monked on May 10., 1998.
On June 15., 1999., when he arrived in front of the Episcopy in Prizren after 10:30 by car, not afraid of anything. From that road he never came back to us alive. He was caught by the criminal hand there, on the obvious NATO forces that came to bring ′′ peace and freedom ", and he was taken to the place of torture.
Nothing else was known about him. Everyone was silent, wanting to hide the crime, but the Lord did not want Father Hariton to go to oblivion,
After a year those dreams come true, when his tortured body was found, next to Prizren, in Tusus behind the hospital. It was recognized by the monastic coat and rosary, and there were parts of his documents. This is where a part of his martyrdom is revealed to us: the body was found without a head with several fractured bones and with separated sweater and punctures in the heart area.
On November 2000., 2000., they bring his tortured remains to his spiritual father, Bishop Artemije to the Gračanica Monastery, from where they transfer him to the Crna Reka Monastery, where father Hariton began his monastic feat. Here, in front of the monastery his bishop, along with many monks and believers, welcomed him with words: ′′ Father Hariton here we accepted you as a novice a few years ago, and now we accept you as a martyr
According to very reliable information from the Diocese of Raska Prizren, monk Hariton was abducted by members of KLA. The kidnapping of father Hariton was watched and filmed by a German journalist who arrived in this city with the contingent of Kfor. In those days of chaos, fleeing and suffering, everything was said about father Hariton and abducted Serbs, a Muslim woman came to father Stefan and the archangel brotherhood and told them ′′ that she saw the Mujahideen play football with the head of some priest with a long beard ".
These sufferings by Albanian extremists left the biggest wound on the heart of the Serbian people, which is still not healed today after higher than 20 years,
The beastly murder of father Hariton hasn't been shed to this day

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